When In KL(…or Bring Passport All The Time)

Because as of now I am currently in KL, I MUST BRING MY PASSPORT ALL THE TIME (not looking like a TKI is a plus)…

[through an email post]

Saya Budiman Bachtiar Harsa, 37 tahun, WNI asal Banten, karyawan di BUMN berkantor di Jakarta.

Kasus pemukulan wasit Donald Peter di Malaysia, BUKAN kejadian pertama. Behubung sdr Donald adalah seorang “Tamu Negara” hingga kasusnya terexpose besar-besaran. Padahal kasus serupa sering menimpa WNI di Malaysia. BUKAN HANYA TKI Atau Pendatang Haram, tapi juga WISATAWAN. Continue reading

Bangkok Trip, Day #1

A lot of things need to be taken care of before my 11-days trip to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Besides my SYN and Tag Design stuffs, my sisters who currently lives in the two countries asked me a favor to bring them stuffs. My Bangkok sister Monica’s stuffs ranging from magazines, Holy Qur’an, CDs, children story book, and last but not least food (fish from aunt Henny.) Thank God last night Ayam Goreng Suharti was already closed when I got there, otherwise I have to deal with 3 whole fried chickens. Gita’s stuffs are her clothes, shoes and textbook/literature for her study.

I managed to get Dahon D3 Curve I ordered from Sacha’s Bike Shop, although it arrived late. I was so overwhelmed that I have so many things to pack (initially I’d like to bring the D3, but dropped the plan at last minutes. No container to carry it. It’s impossible to carry it into the Cabin, although I had the dream of biking in Bangkok.

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