Bangkok Trip, Day #1

A lot of things need to be taken care of before my 11-days trip to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Besides my SYN and Tag Design stuffs, my sisters who currently lives in the two countries asked me a favor to bring them stuffs. My Bangkok sister Monica’s stuffs ranging from magazines, Holy Qur’an, CDs, children story book, and last but not least food (fish from aunt Henny.) Thank God last night Ayam Goreng Suharti was already closed when I got there, otherwise I have to deal with 3 whole fried chickens. Gita’s stuffs are her clothes, shoes and textbook/literature for her study.

I managed to get Dahon D3 Curve I ordered from Sacha’s Bike Shop, although it arrived late. I was so overwhelmed that I have so many things to pack (initially I’d like to bring the D3, but dropped the plan at last minutes. No container to carry it. It’s impossible to carry it into the Cabin, although I had the dream of biking in Bangkok.

So overwhelmed that I am not aware of the time frame (like Svarnabhumi with Runi all over again!) I went to airport by Blue Bird, only to realize that I left my Dollars (US$300) in an envelope in ‘inbox’ in my office/home! Hastily checked-in, buy Fiscal (what the hell is it for?) Fiscal check, Immigration and straight into that morning’s filght.

A rather boring flight, besides the fact that J-Co is giving donuts away because they are opening in Pavillion, Bukit Bintang, KL. Now, after I exchanged my only Rupiahs to Ringgits to Bahts, I am in Coffee-Bean in KLIA LCCT, figuring out how do I get here. Mugshot below.


P.s.: I once joked with mas Gusti Dipo that KLIA = “Keh Lalere Int’l Airport!” (‘keh lalere means lots of flies in Javanese)

Then I checked in, surprisingly here they don’t charge you for 2 kg overweights. Then I grab nasi lemak with chicken on the infamous Asian Kitchen (the term “Keh Lalere Int’l Airport” coined from this joint). Then I went in immigration,  just when I came to the lst X-ray machine before the lounge area, they made me toss my mineral water away.

The flight was delayed for an hour or so. Waited. Then I got on board the 2.5 hours flight. Slept most of the way. Read a short story in a compilation by Hitchcock.

In Svarnabhumi I took some pictures and shot some Mini-DVs. Ordered AoT Official Taxi, they were out of stock of cheaper ride, so I took the B1,000 one, Nissan Teana. A VIP on my sister’s expense!

Made contact with Monic, then it was arranged that we meet in Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok.

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