“The X-files: I Want To Believe” Review

Or should I title this post: I Want To Believe That This Is The Sequel of X-Files The Movie…

*Spoiler Alert*

Why it is so? Because this is the sequel of the big screen adaptation of popular hit TV series The X-Files (which I am a fans of which makes me an X-Philes.) The first one (The X-Files: Fight The future) came out about 10 years ago, and it was kind of tied up the loose ends of the conspiracy theory which become the red thread of The X-Files series. That makes it almost impossible to carry on the conspiracy theory plot into the sequel, without selling out. So Chris Carter makes the sequel  “Monster of the Week” theme, which make this movie a stand alone plot.

Having known that I expected that the plot is captivating and the nemesis is big enough to fill the long duration of the movie. Felt to me that the plot and nemesis suited into regular 1 hour TV Episode, but stretched to fulfill the whole 100 minutes.

So to fill in the gap, in The X-Files: I Want To Believe, Carter & Co emphasize on the character development of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully we loved many years back when The X-files was still in the hey-day. Now Mulder & Scully is in a relationship, which spoils the sanctity of the platonic chemistry I found dynamic in the series. Heck, Carter maybe is trying hard to update what they have been up to in the last 10 years they have not been exposed all this time, but bringing romance in their relationship is plain cheesy IMHO. Other character development is that Scully starting to lose her faith in science & religion, only at the end she gains it back again, lots of visual symbols and everything.

Physically Duchovny is now fat (let alone Mitch Pillegi who played AD Walter Skinner in his very unimportant role) and Anderson is all wrinkly (nobody’s fault, she’s 10 years older) but still brings that sex appeal to an MD Doctor who happens to be was an FBI agent.

The good news is that the movie sequel brings back a pleasant feeling of anticipating and eventually watching it as if it was one of the TV series. Our memories were brought back that Mulder likes sunflower seeds, sticking up pencils in the ceiling, and stuffs. Also presents typical X-Files ‘dry humor’ like scoring The X-Files’ theme over George W. Bush photo on the wall shot.

If the movie is going to take a “Movie of the Week” theme, heck, at least bring in likes of Victor Tooms. I really want to believe.