Bangkok 05-06, Day #1 (12/24/06)

so here we go again, or should i say: here i go again, ‘cos like always i go solo on vacation. i had predisposition in my mind that every year i have to go abroad for vacation. or, at least: go for vacation, not necessarily abroad. started in 02 i was vacationing to singapore while attending iDN’s fresh conference. in 03 i went to hong kong due to very bargain cathay pacific ticket. in 04 i went with sammy to go diving to bali. then this year, because my sister and her husband are here in bangkok, and my parents are already here since last week, i joined them today.

after doing some crash shopping, for items titipan much more that my personal items! i went to ratu plaza and after done my biz there, i went to ps to do more shopping for things i haven’t had yet which i need for this vacation.

odd thing, while i was pondering i should have a spouse to accompany me doing this kinda stuff, there on the back of ratu plaza lot, i met *drum roll please* estira. but still i adore her, despite of everytime i met her, her style was getting less and less ‘her’. and guess what, she’s all alone too. god works in mysterious ways. i become one with the universe.

now i find myself speed-packing. luckily all can be squished into one medium suitcase. then the cab i ordered came. said goodbye to my sisters, then departed.

i arrived at terminal 2D. checked myself in, then do the usual drill. check in, paid fiscal, immigration. then i bought chicken pastry and green tea frappucinno at star bucks, got myself a good spot and out of boredom took pictures. then i board the LH 779 (it’s a lufthansa)

bla bla bla, got served this very nanggung single serving food: a cup of potato salad, half bun sub with chicken filled with lettuce, banana sponge cake, and a mango manisan made in bangkok. oh wait, with mineral water. before the so-called dinnerĀ  i asked for cola and then after dinner a cup of tea, which cup i took home. hmm. then after that i had my near death experience. no, i didn’t make things up. the LH 779 entered a turbulence and shook every once in the while, and eventually ‘dropped’ for several seconds (whose counting!) like i was in a downhill ride of a rollercoaster. everybody shriek. funny thing is i felt void. actually, not after we landed and prepared to leave the plane i shook a little. whew! no you can never imagine that, you HAVE to dropped in a flight yourself to experience.

while we queued in the belalai, i noticed that i was in the same light with rachel azhari, the most sexy of them azharis. wait, she’s with a guy and a child. i never recalled she had married? well, what am i, an infotainment show?

due to disorientated subconsciously after the flight drop, i waited on the wrong belt in baggage claim, can not mention my place of stay in bangkok in immigration, exited the wrong terminal (i had to walk to terminal 2 from 1, luckily i brought my international-roaming-cellphone so i can call my sister.

after i met my sister, we went to her husband waiting sleeping on terminal 2’s waiting chairs. we went to their car and head to their apartment.

nice apartment at that. pretty exhausted and shocked by the flight drop. slept on the couch in the living room, got to get my macs & other gadget works, trying to find vacant electrical plug to charge ’em. wrote this passage at 3.42 AM christmas eve. merry x mas! ho ho ho.

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