Bangkok 05-06, Day #2 (12/25/05)

early morning i am woken up early by ani, my sister’s maid cleaning up the room and opeing the drapes. aargh, i moved to her usual room. my sis suggests that ani sleep on the living room while i occupy her room. and i agree cos my gadgets are scattered around the appartment.

my nap didn’t go further than 8 am, cos we have to get ready to go to chatuchak. had an early cold shower, then got prepared. we then had breakfast. after that by sony’s car we went to deliver x mas gift of lapis legit cake i brought to their colleague. then after that we went to chatuchak.

Pork Stew @Chatuchak

Pork Stew @Chatuchak

we parked on discovery’s parking lot. discovery is a children scientific playground and museum (i think), located at the farthest of the chatuchak, near the section of pets and aquarium.

there in chatuchak lotsa neat stuff and for less price. we take a nibble of this grilled squid street vendor. nice. there’s also this gentleman stirring a large (i mean very large) pan of deep fried pork. yum. and just by the entrance of this part of chatuchak, a nice fried critters vendor (you name the most unbelievable ones, they got it) larvae, tiny chick, bugs, crickets, etc. crispy!

we observe every little shop there is in chatuchak, where they sell anything to leave none to your imagination. pets, bras, food, shoes, clothings, souvenirs, handicraft, etc. after we’ve done with one section of the market, we shifted to the next one. the lonely planet book was right: we can not cover all in one day. i bought this cute little keychain, small doll made out of yarn, only to find there’s a nicer version on the appropriate section. tips #1: if you have enough time to visit (or revisit) chatuchak, don’t buy in a hassle.

i bought a nice white linen, 2 shirts and a sarong-pants. all with nice thai graphic prints. then i bought a nice green 7-up shirt. well, all that with an intermission of having to poop on the public toilet. and i’m not complaining! the joint was clean. it’s worth the 1 baht. then we continued to the handicraft section. i bought a burmese-puppet. think i am more mature person now, buying artsy things. 🙂

Sweet Sour Lime Fish @T Restaurant, Petchburi

Sweet Sour Lime Fish @T Restaurant, Petchburi

after we realized that are hungry, we walked back to the car. we eat at T Restaurant, a chinese-thai joint. next to platinum. there we ordered the fried calamary squid with onion, sweet sour lime fish, fried crab rice (the name is changed because i forgot. but the taste is fabulous).

then we walked to amari waterfront hotel across the street, because mas sony has to arrange something for tommorow’s indonesian embassy coordinated event. while the rest waited, we shop for souvenir t-shirt at the shop alongside amari. then we head downstairs to city complex next to a foreign exchange shop. i asked monica to buy runi’s, reza’s & my merchandise of accessories to be sold in indonesia, while i exhanged USD100 into B4056 for USD1 equals B40.56 while USD1 equals IDR9900 then it means B40.56 equals IDR 9900, so it’s B1 equals IDR244.08.

bought myself a nice cold one (not beer, green tea!*) and sat on the steps entrance of  city complex. the joint is like melawai plaza in blok m, jakarta, only nicer.

*I then realized that this is the first bottled green tea beverage I’ve ever drunk, back in Indonesia then (end of ’05) there hasn’t been any Nu Green Tea, Frestea or any other bottled green tea.

the shopping spree for today is adjourned. we head back to the car, and sony drove home. and this… my dear… is just half 1 day in bangkok. this evening as follows.

at 6.45 we depart from home. sony & monica had an official reception of christmas celebration for indonesian community in thailand. i know they were late because it was traffic jam from hell. t. jess, papa and i was dropped of near central chitlom, which is the venue where we wait for monica.

X Mas Lights @ The Four Seasons, Shukumvit St.

X Mas Lights @ The Four Seasons, Shukumvit St.

in central chitlom we browse veery little, then went to 7th floor, the food loft. the dining experience is unique. it’s like marche movenpick in jakarta, but much more nicer and modern. they use barcode system on their p.o.s. intended not to be that full, i picked a sushi set and sugar cane juice. was trying to pick a light meal and be nifty at that, but au contraire it’s costly (B336 w/ tax) but still worth it.

still no signs from monic & sony, after a short stop at the restroom i head to B2S Chidlom to browse some magazines, books and eventually bought the famous Nancy Chandler’s Map of Bangkok. it portrayed and points places in bangkok in a very fun manner. recommended.

joined again with parents, we waited in the porte cochere of central chidlom for about 20 minutes. then  sony picked us up. we went to suam lun night market and browse some more. it’s a very nice night market, same concept with chatuchak but the stores and the alleys are bigger, and more upscaled too. just browse there, na da buy anything. they have also the nicest pujasera with bandstand, and check this out: the open-aired pujasera has a cabriolet nature: if it’s needed, there’s a retractable shelter tent. kewl. 😛 they also have lines of beer gardens and resto joints adorned by nightligthts and twinkly light. *hey, if i’m in da mood i can come up with nice words while writing!* but truly, it’s very uplifting being anywhere in bangkok, in suam lun for example. at this point i am dissapointed with jakarta. no further comments.

on the way home we make a short visit to the famous part of the city where there’s light everywhere. hey, it’s christmas time! we parked and went ahead to take photos. to our sigh one by one of the lighted facade went black out for it’s already 12 and the electricity needs to be saved. hey, it’s for a good cause. we managed to take some worthwhile snapshots though. bought 4 cups of sweet corn on the street vendor on our way back to the car. to home, we went.

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