While You Were Out: Apple’s Years With and Without Steve Jobs

Sam Grobart looks at what effect the departures of Steven P. Jobs have had on Apple and its products.

Steve Jobs’s announcement on Jan. 14 that he will be taking a medical leave from Apple is not the first time the company will go without his services, as Mr. Jobs was not at Apple from 1985 to 1997. A look at Apple’s products before, during and after that time shows what effect Mr. Jobs has had on the company.

Timeline by NYtimes.com here.

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25 Years of the Mac (Macworld)

Cover of 1st Macworld EditionOn the Mac’s silver anniversary, we look at where it’s been—and where it’s headed next.
by Macworld Staff, Macworld.com

It seems like only yesterday that Macworld released its first issue, with a youthful, besuited Steve Jobs peering over a trio of original Macs on the cover.

OK, maybe not yesterday. But those 25 years seem to have come and gone as quickly as so many Apple CEOs. And that quarter of a century has given us the countless advances and changes—in software, hardware design, operating systems, and more—that make the Mac what it is today. But that’s the old news. What’s more important is what your Mac will be like next year, or the year after that, or five years from now. How will Apple’s ongoing endeavors and other technological developments impact the devices you use in the near future?

In this series, we take a look at how some of today’s trends are driving the technology of tomorrow, as well as how some of the past 25 years’ significant events brought us to where we are today. We’ve also asked some longtime members of the Mac community to share their thoughts on various aspects of the last two and a half decades.

25 Years of the Mac | Macworld

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Rahasia si Untung

Untung Bebek (Gladstone Gander)

Untung Bebek (Gladstone Gander)

(dari posting di salah satu milis)

Anda pasti kenal tokoh si Untung di komik Donald Bebek. Berlawanan
dengan Donald yang selalu sial. Si Untung ini dikisahkan untung terus.
Ada saja keberuntungan yang selalu menghampiri tokoh bebek yang di
Amerika bernama asli Gladstone ini.

Betapa enaknya hidup si Untung. Pemalas, tidak pernah bekerja, tapi
selalu lebih untung dari Donald. Jika Untung dan Donald berjalan
bersama, yang tiba-tiba menemukan sekeping uang di jalan, pastilah itu
si Untung. Jika Anda juga ingin selalu beruntung seperti si Untung,
don’t worry, ternyata beruntung itu ada ilmunya. Continue reading

SONG FOR GAZA “We will not go down” song by Michael Heart

Download and donate…

(from: http://michaelheart.com/Song_for_Gaza.html)


“We will not go down”

Dear friends,

I have been overwhelmed by the warmth and the friendship you have all given me in response to my song for Gaza, “We Will Not Go Down”. I am doing my best to go through your numerous messages, emails and comments, and ask you to kindly bear with me until I am able to do so. Please forgive me if I am not able to respond to each and everyone of you; but please also know that I really appreciate your messages.

My original intention to donate proceeds from the sale of the MP3 to charity has been complicated by technical matters; therefore, I have decided to make the song available free of charge. I would like to request that after downloading the song from this page, you kindly donate directly to a charity or an organization dedicated to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people. Worthy of note is UNWRA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East), which has been helping Palestinian refugees since their dispossession in 1949. Please click here to donate through them: http://www.un.org/unrwa/

Thank you for your continued encouragement of my work as a musician, for your purchases of my CD, and for spreading the song, the video and the message as you have been doing. I am grateful for every demonstration of support I have received from you, and for every thought and prayer that has gone to the people of Gaza.


Michael Heart

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Update: iPhone di Indonesia bulan FEBRUARI!



Buat yang masih harap-harap cemas soal kedatangan iPhone 3G, nampaknya sinyal kedatangannya di Indonesia semakin jelas. Sumber yang sama memberikan informasi bahwa iPhone kemungkinan besar akan hadir di ranah Indonesia mulai pertengahan bulan Februari ini! Peluncuran ini akan diawali dengan penawaran iPhone di kalangan terbatas–semacam Halo Prioritas mungkin–di bulan Januari ini dan dilanjutkan dengan penawaran untuk publik di bulan Februari. Continue reading


Pearl Jam TenWhoa, Pearl Jam goes mobile through Ring Back Tone!

Ini kayaknya yang dibilang massive campaign of their back-catalog.
Awalnya Ten (package) re-released. Lalu Ten dirilis di Rock Band. Lalu sekarang Ten dirilis di Ring Back tone Verizon Wireless!
Bayangin semua album back-catalognya ditreatment kayak gini!

PJ’s going to be big!

“Got me a big wave, ride me a big wave, got me a big wave!”

(through: http://tinyurl.com/9hbcnw) Continue reading

Bangkok 05-06, Day #7 (12/30/05)

at 10:30 by tuk-tuk i went to baiyoke 2 building, said to be the highest hotel in the world (i don’t know if compared with hotel dubai?), the highest building in bangkok. bought the ticket for 400 baht, which entitles me to a free drink on rooftop bar.
enters the lift. wow, it’s a capsule lift with ascending view of bangkok, well, pratunam market. we got of on 77th floor.
nice view of the city! thought i was on the very top of baiyoke so made panorama view here, eventually there’s more upstairs. there’s a small bangkok museum here, with vintage photos and old-fashioned becak here, not to mention model of vintage chinatown style store facade (a mouthfull, just check out the picture.) then through other elevator, went upstair. there’s 80th floor, still with windows. climbed some stairs with the decoration of an alien and all supposedly-eerie statue, they must had planned for a museum here upstairs, because one section of the stairway which leads downstair is still closed.
upstair is way cooler. it’s a rotating platform where you can observe bangkok in all it’s 360 degree glory! i spent long time here trying to make a panoramic stitched up view, just by making series of pic standing in one spot. made it to a quicktime VR movie, go check it out!
then after my carefully plan to attend friday prayer in the embassy failed :-(, i claimed my free drink fo a special baiyoke punch, served with popcorn, sat in one spot where i can spot my sister’s apartment. sip. sip. sip. gulp. gulp. gulp. went back down to 77th. bought some more maps. went down back to the ground.
in pratunam market i stumbled across this chinese themed t-shirt shop. bought a kind-a-print t-shirt with motifs of gecko, a red very-chinese t-shirt and a chinese kumpuk-dog pink t-shirt for gita. then i browse through the ol’ wholesale market of pratunam.
walked my way to central world plaza or isetan to make it short. it’s kind of older shopping center like hayam wuruk plaza, but like usual way more organized, and nicer, and cleaner. bought a work shirt here.
then at 3.30 went to the basement to check out the food court. after quick recommendation by monica through the cell phone, i lunched at MK restaurant, this nice franchise here in bangkok, famous with duck and steamed stuff or suki. got myself roast duck on rice, and a crab dim sum set, just to find out later in the evening, not to take everything for granted is pork-free. yum. made a walkthru through platinum, at first to restraint myself not to buy anything, only to budge to buy very cheap watched, at B95 (50% off), one for me, one for sarah. made a short visit to pantip to buy S-video to RCA cable. then went back home. whoa i heart siam.

Big Albums in 2009

(Excerpts from this blog article)

In the coming year, there is also much to look forward to on the recording front, including major releases by U2, Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam.

In one of the biggest album rollouts in memory, U2 is making its upcoming “No Line on the Horizon” available in five versions, among them a $96 box set with 60-page hardcover book, as well as a poster and DVD of the new Anton Corbijn film about U2.

Zoom Getty Images
U2 (members Bono, left, and The Edge are pictured) is making its upcoming “No Line on the Horizon” album available in five versions.

Also available the first week of March are a standard CD, a double-vinyl package, a digi-pack version in folded sleeve (with 36-page booklet, poster and the Corbijn film as a download; $35.98), and a magazine version (with a CD enclosed in a 60-page, soft-cover magazine-style book and downloadable Corbijn film; $49.98).

One of the songs, “Crazy Tonight,” features will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas. Continue reading

Bangkok 05-06, Day #6 (12/29/05)

doing tid bits of my latest project, and still waiting for an important data from my client. so until then i can do nothing. i guess the client was also caught up with end of year event. so we’ll just leave everything as it is, for now.

had lunch at home, then at 1 went out. i crossed the street through the pedestrian crossing bridge, then went to the right, along the sidewalk to siam discovery. took pictures along the way.

this was the first attempt of mine to go out by myself so i got a li’l disoriented this time. spent my time too long inside every individual shop. the shops are nice and the business really meant business. i mean even the smallest details (i.e. the decor, etc) are thought over so the customers are brought to each shop’s world.
from CD warehouse to Loft (the stationery haven,) shop by shop. then i moved along to the next building siam center through the plaza, just to realize the buildings are connected by connecting bridge. enter the siam center. here was pretty much the same. just made a quick browse throughout siam center.

then i came into the Siam Paragon. this is said to be the newest addition to the lines of mall in Bangkok. and one of the largest i might add. after i took some exterior pictures, when i entered the ground floor is the food center. lines of franchised restauraqnt like burger king, KFC, etc on one side, the food court in the middle and on the farthest side is the supermarket. i event can not see the end of the farthest side of the supermarket!

then i climbed up the escalators. there’s cars in display on every floor, and by cars i meant luxurious cars: lamborginis on the 2nd floor, etc. and on the 2nd floor there’s an entrance/exit gateway to the sywalk, which leads to the BTS station Siam.

on to the upper floor. to my amazement there’s a floor designated only for car showrooms, just like in automall in jakarta, but in this case it’s the 5th (?) floor! and may i repeat: by car i mean CAR: lamborgini, masserati, hummer, porsche, ferrari, etc!

on to the upper floor, a lot of the shops are still close. well, this mall is not yet open so i understood. the in-store LCD display i found on one of the upmost floor is in 3D, with the newest technology: no glasses required!

then i climbed down the set of escalator on the other end of the building. on the ground floor there’s this brass ensemble, playing standard songs. nice band. made it to the basement of this humongous building, theres ocean world siam. not paying any fare though, just took a glimpse of what’s the inside is all about. the fare is B45.

then through the skywalk, i exited. my tiredness said i’ll take the skytrain to ratchathewi, but my curiousness and fondness to explore new things told my feet to walk down the stairs on the other end of the street, to siam square.

then i explored siam square. siam square is pretty much the blok m version of bangkok, but way far more organized, cleaner and nicer. there’s dunkin donuts on th phra ram I, roti boy (nice franchise, although the i can’t try out the most popular buns because of the pork buns when i asked, there’s a queue for this pork bun!) made my way inside the square.

walked up to the point where i waited with my father on the sidewalk bench the other day. walked up and down the main lane, after paid my respect to the usual 6 o’clock national anthem and thai flag on the LCD display, I decided to enter A&W to eat waffle. had this packaged deal  of waffle w/ ice cream & maple syrup, root beer and curly fries. some cute chicks entered A&W as well, for the eye candy. but come to think of it, they all nice! no kidding!

then cluctching to these shopping bags, i went to Siam BTS station. go to ratchathewi, then by foot went back to my lodging.