Bangkok 05-06, Day #6 (12/29/05)

doing tid bits of my latest project, and still waiting for an important data from my client. so until then i can do nothing. i guess the client was also caught up with end of year event. so we’ll just leave everything as it is, for now.

had lunch at home, then at 1 went out. i crossed the street through the pedestrian crossing bridge, then went to the right, along the sidewalk to siam discovery. took pictures along the way.

this was the first attempt of mine to go out by myself so i got a li’l disoriented this time. spent my time too long inside every individual shop. the shops are nice and the business really meant business. i mean even the smallest details (i.e. the decor, etc) are thought over so the customers are brought to each shop’s world.
from CD warehouse to Loft (the stationery haven,) shop by shop. then i moved along to the next building siam center through the plaza, just to realize the buildings are connected by connecting bridge. enter the siam center. here was pretty much the same. just made a quick browse throughout siam center.

then i came into the Siam Paragon. this is said to be the newest addition to the lines of mall in Bangkok. and one of the largest i might add. after i took some exterior pictures, when i entered the ground floor is the food center. lines of franchised restauraqnt like burger king, KFC, etc on one side, the food court in the middle and on the farthest side is the supermarket. i event can not see the end of the farthest side of the supermarket!

then i climbed up the escalators. there’s cars in display on every floor, and by cars i meant luxurious cars: lamborginis on the 2nd floor, etc. and on the 2nd floor there’s an entrance/exit gateway to the sywalk, which leads to the BTS station Siam.

on to the upper floor. to my amazement there’s a floor designated only for car showrooms, just like in automall in jakarta, but in this case it’s the 5th (?) floor! and may i repeat: by car i mean CAR: lamborgini, masserati, hummer, porsche, ferrari, etc!

on to the upper floor, a lot of the shops are still close. well, this mall is not yet open so i understood. the in-store LCD display i found on one of the upmost floor is in 3D, with the newest technology: no glasses required!

then i climbed down the set of escalator on the other end of the building. on the ground floor there’s this brass ensemble, playing standard songs. nice band. made it to the basement of this humongous building, theres ocean world siam. not paying any fare though, just took a glimpse of what’s the inside is all about. the fare is B45.

then through the skywalk, i exited. my tiredness said i’ll take the skytrain to ratchathewi, but my curiousness and fondness to explore new things told my feet to walk down the stairs on the other end of the street, to siam square.

then i explored siam square. siam square is pretty much the blok m version of bangkok, but way far more organized, cleaner and nicer. there’s dunkin donuts on th phra ram I, roti boy (nice franchise, although the i can’t try out the most popular buns because of the pork buns when i asked, there’s a queue for this pork bun!) made my way inside the square.

walked up to the point where i waited with my father on the sidewalk bench the other day. walked up and down the main lane, after paid my respect to the usual 6 o’clock national anthem and thai flag on the LCD display, I decided to enter A&W to eat waffle. had this packaged dealĀ  of waffle w/ ice cream & maple syrup, root beer and curly fries. some cute chicks entered A&W as well, for the eye candy. but come to think of it, they all nice! no kidding!

then cluctching to these shopping bags, i went to Siam BTS station. go to ratchathewi, then by foot went back to my lodging.

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