Bangkok 05-06, Day #7 (12/30/05)

at 10:30 by tuk-tuk i went to baiyoke 2 building, said to be the highest hotel in the world (i don’t know if compared with hotel dubai?), the highest building in bangkok. bought the ticket for 400 baht, which entitles me to a free drink on rooftop bar.
enters the lift. wow, it’s a capsule lift with ascending view of bangkok, well, pratunam market. we got of on 77th floor.
nice view of the city! thought i was on the very top of baiyoke so made panorama view here, eventually there’s more upstairs. there’s a small bangkok museum here, with vintage photos and old-fashioned becak here, not to mention model of vintage chinatown style store facade (a mouthfull, just check out the picture.) then through other elevator, went upstair. there’s 80th floor, still with windows. climbed some stairs with the decoration of an alien and all supposedly-eerie statue, they must had planned for a museum here upstairs, because one section of the stairway which leads downstair is still closed.
upstair is way cooler. it’s a rotating platform where you can observe bangkok in all it’s 360 degree glory! i spent long time here trying to make a panoramic stitched up view, just by making series of pic standing in one spot. made it to a quicktime VR movie, go check it out!
then after my carefully plan to attend friday prayer in the embassy failed :-(, i claimed my free drink fo a special baiyoke punch, served with popcorn, sat in one spot where i can spot my sister’s apartment. sip. sip. sip. gulp. gulp. gulp. went back down to 77th. bought some more maps. went down back to the ground.
in pratunam market i stumbled across this chinese themed t-shirt shop. bought a kind-a-print t-shirt with motifs of gecko, a red very-chinese t-shirt and a chinese kumpuk-dog pink t-shirt for gita. then i browse through the ol’ wholesale market of pratunam.
walked my way to central world plaza or isetan to make it short. it’s kind of older shopping center like hayam wuruk plaza, but like usual way more organized, and nicer, and cleaner. bought a work shirt here.
then at 3.30 went to the basement to check out the food court. after quick recommendation by monica through the cell phone, i lunched at MK restaurant, this nice franchise here in bangkok, famous with duck and steamed stuff or suki. got myself roast duck on rice, and a crab dim sum set, just to find out later in the evening, not to take everything for granted is pork-free. yum. made a walkthru through platinum, at first to restraint myself not to buy anything, only to budge to buy very cheap watched, at B95 (50% off), one for me, one for sarah. made a short visit to pantip to buy S-video to RCA cable. then went back home. whoa i heart siam.

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