There goes a hashtag from many tweets emitted from that auditorium in @America, the most modern cultural center in Jakarta. It was already 7.20 PM and I was late for that March 24, 2012 Navicula show at @America. As I entered the auditorium, “Aku Bukan Mesin” the 4th song was already playing.

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It was your usual Navicula setlist. Like pros the quartet performed top-notched rock, well, grunge concert. It needs to be connected to grunge because earlier that day Pearl Jam Indonesia kicked-off a Blog Competition with topic on “Pearl Jam and Grunge.” Well, Navicula claimed that its genre is psychedelic grunge. Dankie’s blues solo guitar licks adds to Robi’s heavy and dirty guitar, kept by Made Indra’s bass and Gembull’s drum’s tight rhythm section. Psychedelic means that their music is intoxicating. And indeed it’s true.

That night what interests me was they give their time every once in a while to various NGO’s for great causes. Navicula is well known for its outspoken speeches by Robi in and out of songs. This time around they brings friends from Akarumput, Center for Orangutan Protection (COP), Greenpeace Mata Harimau, etc. They held a mini talk shows to talk about respective causes, from endangerment of Orangutan, tiger and elephants caused by human greed. campaign videos also being played. I respect Navicula because I think this is one among rare artists to leverage their position to great campaigns.

In conjunction with PJ-ID’s Blog Competition, Dankie with acoustic guitar and harmonica sang “Just Breath.” To remember Munir they played “Refuse To Forget.” Then nearing the end of the show they played rare songs such as “Like A Motorcycle”, “Supermarket Bencana” and closed by “Televishit.” Not to leave fans hanging they played encore with “Suram wajah Negeri.” Robi asked the audience to stand up front near the stage, and the audience did that and more, moshing and crowd surfing, making the @America foreigner official busy to keep them behave. I never seen scene like that in @America ever. Only Navicula can do that. Then before we realized the show was over, leaving me wishing I had came in time.

Sorry for the lame videos. Took it with a limited phone camera. Should better video surfaced on YouTube I will change them. The whole performance of Navicula is now available. I will exhange it with my lame videos. Or, if I can’t do that, here’s Navicula video for “Orangutan”, also to help shine a light on this issue of Orangutan slaughter by palm plantation. “Orangutan akan jadi legenda.”

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