A Very Personal Statement

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It all started as a good deed for a person I follow on Twitter. Just happen that she is a public personality. Let’s call her Ms. πŸ™‚ xx. When she was feeling blue, I tried to cheer her up through my tweet. Then she tweeted back that she was happier because of my tweet. Thus I found out that we can spread happiness via conversation on social media, thus it became the idea for Happinette. Go check that one out.

Then along my endeavor of developing Happinette from concept to product, my back and forth withΒ Ms. πŸ™‚ xx went on and developed. We sent each other messages, even without mentioning each other nor without context of anything whatsoever, thus #NoMention and #kode was conceived (somebody coined the term based on our interaction.)

The interaction and so-called ‘communication’ with Ms. πŸ™‚ xx was getting intense, had its ups and down. Unbeknownst to us people around us, followers or those who happen to check our timeline once in a while (stalkers!) started to discuss about this ‘relationship’ and it escalated to become the most elaborate reality show ever happened on Twitter. The concept of #NoMention and #kode was adapted to broader use, from mocking purpose to genuinely honest tweets. From there, other follow-up catch phrases and keywords was born: Galau (GalauCity, ring a bell?), Sepik, Kangen, Mantan, Move on, etc. I even have a nickname: Coffee, Universe etc. Even Gila (hello, you female book author. You know who you are. πŸ™‚ )

All hell broke loose. People talked off-and-on Twitter, mocked about it, sympathy with the protagonists, even building up their own scenario of what happened (vantage points): the guy can’t get over his ‘ex’, the crazy guy is after a celebrity girl, etc. I often stumbled into people (I don’t know,) from mocking about it to ‘falling in love’ with the protagonists in Twitter, people I don’t know mocks about our interaction off Twitter bystanders in my presence, even my own distant relative mocks in #NoMention nature.

At first it was a kind of flattery that people around us observes and take notice. But at one point it seems like there is no boundary of privacy anymore. Yes, I am taking the responsibility of my own drama until it developed into this nasty, people started to build their own drama around this drama. People starting to get involved in the drama, from ‘falling in love’ to mocks the shit out of it, and in some cases I don’t event known the person.

“Small my table, sits just two. Got so crowded, I can’t make room.” Not for You ~Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder wrote the lyrics when he was still not getting used to being widely known and wish to maintain his privacy. That’s what I feel right now. Even when one says that I am (what they call) a selebtweet, yes thank you I am honored but that’s not my initial intention.

My initial intention was to keep spreading happiness, inspired by my interaction with Ms. πŸ™‚ xx, and thus had me going in developing Happinette into a great product with good value proposition. Subconsciously I keep spreading the happiness through tweets, and having a single man looking to settle down, I might sounded like I was “sok akrab” or worse, seems like a “playboy” trying to hook up with random people, even public figure. And for that I am sorry to whom it may concern.

Subconsciously I am in my own pursuit of happiness, like that Will Smith character in the movie.

And this room is indeed too crowded now for me to focus. Yes, during my course of developing Happinette, I was derailed because of all the dramas unfolding between me and Ms. πŸ™‚ xx, and let alone the people around us observing, stalking, mocking, gossiping. But not all bad. People falling in love, spread happiness, be grateful, influenced. Influenced? Yes, through my actions of keep “spreading happiness” to random people, people has adapted the ideas about spreading happiness, and as a trend, it has became way over tipping point, to the point overwhelming and I don’t have the control over. About this I will elaborate in different post.

Having written the long passage above, I am sorry if I offended you in any way and might have influenced you by my drama, for the good or the bad. I am treating this post as a ‘release’, so I can continue to focus making sure Happinette is launch and developed as a great useful product of value.

Please respect my wish for privacy. If you have an issue with me or just simply want to make acquaintance (be friend), please do say hi, mention me and we can discuss on Twitter or over coffee (no pun intended.) We still can have meaningful relationship and extend our networks.

I wish you all happiness.

P.s.: Happinette is Happening! Happinette is the new brand mark.

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