Wake up young man, it’s time to wake up. Your love affair has got to go.

Wake Up
~ Mad Season, 1995

That was a snippet from song’s lyrics by Mad Season, a grunge supergroup in the 90s, and the first sentence rings true.

Sure it has been a wild ride for me and everybody’s involved; directly or indirectly; with me and what I have been experiencing in this last 2 years. Gosh, it’s been a long time ago since I started experiencing this wonderful phenomenon. Maybe you would like to be refreshed.

Like said many times and many ways, this has been triggered with some occurrence with someone on Twitter, which has inspired me to a raw idea about spreading happiness on social media, and through ideation process has developed into Happinette. In parallel, it led me to a something I might consider a unique relationship with its ups-and-downs. Through which I had came to my senses that what I seek is not in the relationship itself, but far more fundamental, I seek for my own happiness.

All around us realizing the back-and-forth of this particular relationship in their Twitter timelines, with mention or #NoMention, observing, fascinated, gossiping, mocking, sympathizing, inspired, etc basically interacting in direct or indirect manners. It has spawned a phenomenon. Spreading of happiness, a whole set of related catch-phrases (happiness, galau, ganteng, sepik, etc) becoming memes, sparked a whole new way of communication on Twitter (#NoMention, #kode, #sepik, etc), inspired people to adopt sets of behaviors for engagements (gratitude, wishing happiness, etc) even goes all the way over the Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell) across all media, adapted as subliminal messages or blatant portrayal of this phenomenon implemented on TV ads, billboard ad, taglines, positive psychology campaigns.

Still, take away all of the noises, in essence I personally am driven and determined in my own path of finding the meaning of happiness. This has struck a nerve many times all along and I intended to let it all out in writings or any other creative outlets, but hadn’t found the time (or will) to let it out, until now I post it on this blog post.

I am currently in dire situation where I constantly am motivated to find happiness. I believe that this is the underlying drive and motivation of all human being, doing all kind of things. It even mentioned specifically in The United States’ Declaration of Independence. In this pursuit of happiness, it takes form of people looking for wealth, relationship, anything outside themselves to make them happy. In my specific case I am looking for a relationship; given the situation I currently am in which is very personal; in my own pursuit of happiness. That may be evident in my tweets, biased between an effort to make other people happy, and looking for a relationship to blossom into a family, an innermost circle which can make us in the family happy. There, I curcol-ed again.

You might have different perception about what is going on with me and the phenomenon that is happening. I will never seek to be right about what is actually happening, everybody has their own version of the story. Maybe along the way in the past I reacted negatively, I am human, I am of flaws. That’s all because of the aforementioned current situation I am in. So, in this zeitgeist of threshold before entering holy month of Ramadhan in Moslem beliefs, I sincerely beg for forgiveness if I had done wrong or might be offensive to you directly or not.

I will eventually tell my side of the story; about what really happened in the relationship to me and the muse,up until the phenomenon happening; all will see the light of day when the time is right. The startup (Happinette,) books, musics and/or movies? It might be after I launched the startup, because that is the reason for the whole damn thing.

Related to this post, I am coming full circle in determination to do 4 things:

  1. Still spreading happiness on-and-off Twitter as it is considered by myself my mission in life.
  2. Find a spouse, make a family and live happily ever after.
  3. Will see that Happinette be launched and generates world’s happiness through conversation on social media.
  4. Roll out book, music and/or movie as means of conveying the value and virtue of pursuit of happiness through storytelling of what really happened.

P.s.: Je vous remercie beaucoup ma muse. 🙂 xx


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