The Cardigans-Gran Turismo JKT

I am of that age that going to concerts doesn’t excite me as it was when I was younger. Back then, I tried to score meet & greets, backstage passes and complimentary tickets. This time around I managed to score complimentary ‘Tribune 2’ ticket for The Cardigans. I intended to get Festival ticket though, so this door prize ticket I got from Cardigans Night held at Tokove Kemang served as back up plan, but it turned out that I had no additional budget for entertainment, so guessed Tribune 2 will do.

On last weeks of Ramadhan month, 8 days before Idul Fitri 1433H/2012 is a challenge for concert promoter to do a concert. Concert goers will be split with Iftar & nightly Tarawih prayer religious practice of Ramadhan month, let alone some prepare to go to hometown for mudik. This is apparent when I came to the venue on 8PM; ojek driven from a pengajian session; it was relatively not that packed. I exchanged my voucher to Tribune 2 ticket, then enter the premise. I didn’t make any appointment because my busy schedule might get in the way, but I was greeted by @sosronegoro and hanging around with her and her friends, trying to sell extra tickets to scalpers.

It was around 9PM when I was still in front of Tennis Indoor Senayan with Sekar’s (and turned out Maria Ferrari’s) friends Nyoman (of Planet Bumi) and Joice. We hang out for maybe 20 minutes, went to the toilet then entered the venue. The Festival area is half-full, the Tribune area relatively fuller, a good and fair effort of ticket sales by a new concert promoter Loud Productions in this time of Ramadhan.

The Cardigans has been an epitome of cool female-fronted band I loved from the 90s. Caught with them relatively late, in the 90s I’ve only listened to their hits like Lovefool. But not until early 2000’s when I bought “Long Gone Before Daylight” (their best album) then I collected their back catalog

After a while, the house light dimmed and band members entered the stage. Nina Persson being the last. And they kick the night off with tracks from Gran Turismo in its entirety (10 tracks altogether.) I got bored during the lesser favorite tracks. Only on Paralyzed, Erase/Rewind, Hanging Around and My Favorite Game that I got psyched, I wish I was in the pit.

Nina still has that charm and charisma like back then in the 90s. Dressed in superhero-like rectangle-motive cape with headdress reminded me of Hell Boy. 🙂 Although vocally she missed pitches here and there, she had a stage presence like devil may care. During My Favorite Game she even sticked her tongue out during ‘a-a-a-a’ refrain. She’s Nina Persson. she can do whatever she fucking wants. She even closed Lovefool with lines like “I don’t care about anything but fucking you.”

Nina Persson sticked her tongue out
Nina Persson sticked her tongue out

1st encore The Cardigans played more familiar territories for me. Started For What It’s Worth with Nina on harmonica. Live And Learn and Your The Storm rounded up my Long Gone Before Daylight fix. After Live And Learn my camera was out of battery (should have my camera fixed.) I Need A Fine Wine brings out Nina singin with cowbell.

2nd encore concludes with Give Me Your Eyes. Then the unpredictable happened. Once sworn by Magnus that they don’t ever want to play poppy stuff before


1. Paralyzed*
2. Erase/Rewind
3. Explode+
4. Starter
5. Hanging Around*
6. Higher
7. Marvel Hill
8. My Favourite Game*
9. Do You Believe
10. Junk Of The Hearts
11. Nil
12. For What It’s Worth*
13. Lovefool*
14. Hold Me
15. Live And Learn*
16. You’re The Storm+
17. I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer+
Encore 2:
18. Give Me Your Eyes
19. Rise And Shine+
20. Communication+

* Featured in YouTube Playlist, video by me, audio by @funkadrome. Thanks.
+ Featured in YouTube Playlist, video by sisogi, aditdanvideo, hiatusart, ericsaropie. Thanks.

Bootleg Audio by @funkadrome: Go search on his timeline. I have to protect myself from Malware. 🙂

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