It was like lightning in broad daylight. I never have thought that it came full circle that day. On August 1st, 2012 I went to Plaza Senayan to attend meeting with prospect stake holder of my startup venture Happinette. The meeting was at 2.30. It didn’t take a long time. Then I had to prepare for another meeting in the evening in Senayan City, right in front of Plaza Senayan. Thought I check out what new CD avalable at Duta Suara up on level 2.

I made a short browse at Hawaianas shop right next to Duta Suara. There was displayed a cute Hawaianas sandals for babies. Considering myself buying a pair for Keila, but apparently it’s for over 1 year old, but from the size I guess it’s Keila’s size. Don’t know. Can’t decide. Went into the CD shop.

No new CD to distract me from getting things done for important things at hand. After 20 minutes-y browse at Duta Suara, I decided it was time to go to Senci. Right when I was about to pass Hawaianas store, there’s two female shopper trying out sandals. Worth just checking out. As I passed them, corner of my eyes caught something, my spidey sense told me to stop and made a staring body gesture. Yes, it was out of just casual checking out, I know, but it was spontaneous. The lady in white tank-top; the one who was trying out sandals; turned her head and our eyes met. Gosh, it’s her. All these 2 years separated by digital wall that is Twitter. The same lady who has inspired me for the business I am thriving this very moment. The Muse.

Or was it? Alas, she turned her head to her friend and they giggled. Yes, I know I have been an object of laughing stock for quite long while now, that I’ve became numb and get used to it. But the corner of my heart I knew it’s her, but I walked away and took downward escalator nevertheless.

But I still curious. I tried to check her tweets, scavanged for slightest clue that she’s at Senci. But the site loads forever on my smart phone. Then I took a risk. What the heck, it was long time coming (2 years) and this has to come full circle right then, right now. The very least that it was nlt her, I just say “sorry, wrong person.” So I headed back up to Hawaianas. Nothing to lose.

Then I came up to her again. She’s still there. I asked if her name was ___, she said yes, then I introduced myself a,d still in formal manner tried to tell the story again: That at one moment long time ago, I replied to her ‘sad’ tweet, trying to console her, which was to my surprised she replied back with “Thank you. Your tweet made me happy.” or something like that. And from that experience I had an idea that happiness does spread via social media conversation, even that I don’t know her, and she don’t know me. And must I added that off course I know her? Stupid awkwardness. That it had developed into valid idea for Startup, about Founder Institute, until that moment where I had meeting. All 2 years  summarized into 10 minutes monolog.

She already knew the story but I felt that she tried to hide her excitement as well. When I said that it’s an app that helps people share happiness bla.. bla… she ‘interrupted’ by saying “wow that’s a great idea”, well, I knew that she already know. The spontaneous remark doesn’t feel spontaneous, without the slightest intent to belittle it.

Then I produced my card, and gave it to her. She said that she will check the site out, a #code that it was time for me to go. Realizing my serendipitous time is not long, I break it with asking for her contact number, further making it more awkward with “it’s not for THAT, it’s for professional purpose.” Off course when the lady has dropped it, she will never pick it up again. Then after a few closing words of no significance, I excused myself from her company.

But it was a closure nevertheless. I didn’t feel anything, that’s expected. That it has come full circle, yes. This is the very closure I envisioned in my mind to “close” the story. I never wanted anything more, well, not like that period of time where I was lost inside my own story. Now I had came to my senses that that was all just a catalyst for me to realize what I was searching for: happiness.

Walked to where I parked my car, I realized that I had premonition about the serendipity. A precursor of it if you will. While I was on my way up after the meeting, I see this store brand sign “Muse” on 1st floor. I take a pic of it, and I tweeted for #nomention. About 30 minutes later I stumbled into her. The rest; along with what they gossiped about it; is history.


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