Ted is the first motion picture by the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane. I don’t realy follow the animated episode. I assume is that it is one of the many The Simpsons rip-off. My bland prejudice id that Seth MacFarlane is copying Matt Groening.

Ted is a teddy bear came to life because of a wish of a 8 years old boy who were looking for a friend. Ever since, Ted has became John Bennett’s (Mark Wahlberg) BFF, even until he is 35. And that doesn’t help John grow up, and it complicated his relationship with Lori, his girlfriend (Mila Kunis.)

But Ted is brilliant. You can’t really put Ted in a specific genre. It’s an R-rated comedy, a rom-com, and a feel-good children story, all rolled into one. Ted takes all what’s good about each genre, and cross-pollinated them into one heart-warming-lovable-teddy-bear with foul-speaking-and-lewd-conduct, mixed with standard-romantic-comedy-formula protagonists.

And Ted is also Seth’s screenwriting and directorial debut for a motion picture. The formula from his animated series Family Guy was brought along in this big sceen, like a brief-cut into slightly altered reality or musings of John when he remembered the first time he met his girlfriend Lori. And also a lot of 80’s theme throughout, most notable cameo of Sam Jones, the star of 80’s sci-fi flick Flash Gordon (there’s also a lot of other cameos too.) Flash Gordon must be most awesome movie when Seth was a kid. I know, because it’s my favorite movie in my childhood too.

TED Movie Poster

The adorable value of a cuddly furry stuffed bear makes the child in us fall in love with the Ted character (played by Seth with motion capture) while his foul-speaking and lewd-conduct demeanor makes the adult in us hooked on him.

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