Happiness has been a thing people take for granted. It was never something that people confess that they really need. Maybe it is a bad label to be unhappy.

My realization of me needing happiness began from that one period of time I interacted with somebody in Twitter, and occurrences that follows was overwhelming. At first I thought that we can spread happiness in social media, thus inspired me to be a founder of Happinette. It has been quite a while now, and all along the things that happened in my interaction with her (and with everybody else) I came to realized that it’s not just that (we can share happiness on social media or whatever medium), but also that I AM in my own pursuit of happiness. Like the Will Smith character was doing in The Pursuit of Happyness. My current personal life (which I can not explain here) is not that great, and this is a real life personal struggle of me settling down and find the true meaning of happiness.

Furthermore in my interaction with people in social media (Twitter in particular) and also in offline interaction, I maybe sparked a misunderstanding and rub people the wrong way, and pisses them off, it was a personal attempt to ‘connect’ and I am sorry for the misunderstanding, I am learning everyday I attempt to make a connection. And in the case of wooing, and maybe some of them interacted; in positive reaction or in negative; the same underlying motivation. And maybe that has something to do with my wanting to be settled-down by getting married to the one, and creates our own happiness. For those offended I am sorry.

As for people’s perception of me (positive or negative; directly or unbeknown to me) they are entitled to their own opinion and I have no bad thoughts towards them. I simply just in my attempt to ‘connect’ and find happiness. And this is a real time pursuit of happiness for me. It’s not a gimmick, marketing campaign or something what they called image building (‘pencitraan.’) This is real for me. If they have a personal intimate time with me, maybe I might explain why, because it was a very personal underlying motivation. Mention or DM me, I might want to exchange stories or ‘curhat’ with you. Or I might want to tell you the story but in different format than just merely blog post, planning on it.

And this is a personal blog post, it doesn’t reflect my Company’s opinion. Although my Startup Happinette founded, built and run out of my personal passion and experience in pursuit of happiness. I hope with Happinette we can share happiness and make the world a happier place.

Wish you all happiness (and please also wish me.) 🙂

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