When Coldplay has set plan to screen a one-night-only presentation of their live DVD simply titled “Coldplay Live 2012” in theaters worldwide, I was stoked because that might be the closest chance I get to see Coldplay ‘Live.’ It was not the first time a band set up a worldwide screening, Pearl Jam has done it on September 20, 2011 with PJ20. We had the pleasure organizing it in Jakarta. While Pearl Jam was a documentary about the band, Coldplay is a live concert taken from several venues of its Mylo Xyloto World Tour 2012, alongside with inserts of band commentary of behind the scene and tour production story.

The movie opens straight up with intro instrumental song “Mylo Xyloto” continued with “Hurts Like Heaven” just like in the record. Chris Martin in his usual jerking gesture, Will Champion bashing drums, Johnny Buckland riffing on his guitar, and Guy Berrymen strumming the bass strings.Continued with an old number “In My Place.”

Coldplay Live 2012 PosterBetween tracks, there’s a documentary about the story behind the tour production, the band in tour, etc, told by members of the band, each member has its own segment, capped by the whole band telling the story, about the fifth member of the band (their manager,) tour manager, production manager, roadies, etc. Also tidbits about the production, art direction, etc. Also personal experience and hardship on the road, like when Will’s son is sick at home while they have to play Las Vegas.

“Yellow” and “God Put A Smile” got a special intro rearrangement. Then in “Princess of China” Rihanna made an entrance like a real princess of China in dress, complete with intimate stage performance with Chris. Then at the end of set, the band escaped stage, driven with golf carts. I thought the show was over and they were brought back to hotel. Eventually they surprise the audience by appearing somewhere at the tribune, where on pedestal a MX painted piano awaits, and Chris sings “Up In Flames” while Will plays the piano, one by one the other band member appears to finish the song. Then they walked trough the audience to the stage to bash with “Clocks.”

The venue changes from Stade The France, Paris (mostly here,) Madrid, a small club in Paris, Montreal, Hollywood Bowl and Glastonbury.


  1. Highlight of the video is when during “Charlie Brown,” the bracelets worn by all the audience blinked like a sea of fireflies in colorful neon light. THIS has to be seen in theatres (which will never happened again for it’s a one night only screening.) The only thing which top that is actually attending Coldplay live.
  2. The tour production in thorough and magnificent.  They event hand out special bracelets which has neon lights controlled (remotely by technician) to audience. There is a sign “The bracelet is part of the show, must be worn by audience.)


  1. With thorough production of over the top concept-show like Mylo Xyloto like that, I wish it was a regular live concert video. The story in between interrupt the momentum built by the production.

All in all it was a great cinematic experience of live performance, with top notch production. You can see it on DVD, but it is not the same thing.

Coldplay Live 2012 (Official Trailer)

Track listing:

  1. “Mylo Xyloto”
  2. “Hurts Like Heaven”
  3. “In My Place”
  4. “Major Minus”
  5. “Yellow”
  6. “God Put a Smile upon Your Face”
  7. “Princess of China” (feat. Rihanna)
  8. “Up in Flames”
  9. “Viva la Vida”
  10. “Charlie Brown”
  11. “Paradise”
  12. “Us Against the World”
  13. “Clocks”
  14. “Fix You”
  15. “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” [with “M.M.I.X.” (introduction)]

Oh, and please Coldplay in Indonesia!

(P.s.: Soon will be translated to Indonesian | akan segera diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia)

Coldplay – Paradise (Live 2012)

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