Good Intentions by Toad The Wet Sprockets

For me, The 90s were the golden years when it comes to good music. Musician still writing music with hearts, with true craftsmanship and was performed honestly. Unlike nowadays where music is instant, artificial and seems like produced by machines.

Toad The Wet Sprockets

Last night when I was driving home after I have an engine trouble, I played some of the best underrated band from the 90s: Toad The Wet Sprockets (TTWS.) They have been categorized as “College Rock,” a similar genre with The Gin Blossoms and R.E.M. (the latter two garnered more mainstream coverage.) Back then, there were no internet and we have to solely rely on the mainstream media for knowledge of good music, from radio play and (a new thingy back back then) music videos. Private TV channels were new. So I was lucky enough to know TTWS from Rati, my friend’s Wima‘s sister. I borrowed “Fear,” a 1991 great album from TTWS at the peak of their mainstream status.

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Panggilan Alternatif Kepada Tweeps

Twitter, terutama di Indonesia, sudah mengalami perkembangan yang besar dan merubah cara kita berperilaku. Saat pertama kali kita menggunakan Twitter, kita belum tahu ini barang apa, dan seiring dengan perkembangan zaman, kita mulai mengadaptasi cara kita memakainya, dari hanya sekedar melampiaskan perasaan (siapa dari kita yang tidak melakukan ini?) sampai menyampaikan informasi penting hingga menyuarakan gerakan  sosial. Continue reading

Argo: Film Review

I was watching last showing of “Lincoln” after a work session. With my head was still hot, I came 5 minutes late and sat under the AC vent. The movie was too serious, I might get ill from the wind and I decided to walk out of the XXI theater. Not because of my disrespect for Spielberg’s work, but I was just not in the mood and physical condition to see American history.

To rebound, at home I played another American history “Argo“, well, used to be classified history. It’s a story about a CIA operative Tony Mendez (performed by Ben Affleck) who during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1978. It was declassified by President Clinton in 1997, thus Ben Affleck with the help of other actor turned producer George Clooney produced this movie which won The Academy Award for several awards, including the prestigious Best Picture category. Continue reading

1/15 Coffee

Sebenarnya saya sudah mengetahui coffee shop ini dari Nana Soedarmadji dari minggu lalu. Kelihatannya dari luar seperti tempat yang menyenangkan, dan berniat untuk mencoba tempat ini untuk bekerja di luar kantor (remote working.) Namanya yang unik (One Fifteenth Coffee/Kopi Seperlimabelas) juga turut menambah keingintahuan saya. Baru berkesempatan hari Minggu ini saya mencoba.

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