Hi 42 y.o. Farry in 2014

Hi 42 y.o. Farry in 2014,

I believe that during the span of 1 year after I’ve written and sent you this letter, You have found the happiness you are looking for all your life. I believe you found it in yourself and have your own peace of mind. You always have big heart, live like water flowing, always thing positively and only depend yourself on God like always being reminded.

I believe you have created your own family, your own circle of happiness, because through such exercise, you can go on with making the world a happier place through your endeavor.

I believe spreading happiness is your life’s manifesto, otherwise why are you so persistent in doing so? I believe it is driven by your own pursuit of happiness, and finding the meaning of it. I believe all the ordeal and challenges you encounter in life are just test to see whether you’re up to your calling, and you will pass with flying color.

I believe your life story will inspire others to spread happiness because to counter hatred and everything else negative, we don’t hate back. We spread happiness instead.

Happiness is happening.

Happy 42nd birthday,
– 41 y.o. Farry in 2013

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