Hi 42 y.o. Farry in 2014

Hi 42 y.o. Farry in 2014,

I believe that during the span of 1 year after I’ve written and sent you this letter, You have found the happiness you are looking for all your life. I believe you found it in yourself and have your own peace of mind. You always have big heart, live like water flowing, always thing positively and only depend yourself on God like always being reminded.

I believe you have created your own family, your own circle of happiness, because through such exercise, you can go on with making the world a happier place through your endeavor.

I believe spreading happiness is your life’s manifesto, otherwise why are you so persistent in doing so? I believe it is driven by your own pursuit of happiness, and finding the meaning of it. I believe all the ordeal and challenges you encounter in life are just test to see whether you’re up to your calling, and you will pass with flying color.

I believe your life story will inspire others to spread happiness because to counter hatred and everything else negative, we don’t hate back. We spread happiness instead.

Happiness is happening.

Happy 42nd birthday,
– 41 y.o. Farry in 2013

An End of An Era, An Open Letter

It was fun at first, when you can do something sweet and only works in the movies like “You’ve Got Mail.” Yes, been doing it since 2010 with somebody, which inspires me to start a venture called Happinette. BTW, thank you Muse. Would like to discuss this with you someday, over coffee. It will be fun. xx :))

Things then developed from there to directions which was unpredictable. It has its ups and down. From the get go was planning to write my adventure in support of Happinette, the story behind the making. But it turned out that the story itself; as it was unfolding; had diverted me from focusing on actually developing the app.

People started to interact, observe, mock, gossip, steal ideas, got inspired, fall in love, hate, got inspired, seclude, sympathize, despise, taking advantages of, etc. I was in many position imaginable from vulnerable to offensive, but I have no regrets, for everything is a zeitgeist, life lesson and I had realize that such adventure was a journey for me to find more about me, to learn about myself, a pursuit of happiness. Take away this mortal body (to not be considered egomaniac or narcissist,) it’s a lesson about human’s life.

I am sorry if I made any mistakes during this adventure. I also forgives if anybody had hurt me in any way. For we are only humans, and humans make mistakes, from which we learn something about life.

People may deem me weird (or even crazy) but I am not responsible for their opinion. I intend; and never been more determined; to still write my life story down and finish what I had started. And also see that Happinette is launch in one fine day, for that is the purpose of the whole story, for which had happen for a purpose, to seek meaning of happiness, because it rings true in my personal life. In real time.

As in interaction, I will stop these #nomention act, and will interact in more direct manner. For those of you willing to open their hearts, I am also open heartedly interact and maybe get to know each other better. Also if you have experiences regarding this, I’d like to know more, we can create stories together. Some of you art workers, if you are inspired by this, let’s talk. Some of you I have already hinted, or even contacted, to express this in your art forms. All in one common universal theme. Happiness.

Our lives makes one story. #NoMention.

No Mention-Transparent On Green Logo

RIP Chandra Djunaedy: Sebuah Catatan Tentang Kematian

RIP Chandra Djoenaedy

Saya terhenyak saat mengetahui bahwa teman kuliah saya Chandra Djunaedy telah meninggal dunia. Kabar ini saya dapatkan melalui BBM dari Andrias Sugeng. Saat itu kabarnya masih simpang siur, hingga akhirnya didapat berita yang mendekati kepastian bahwa Chandra meninggal karena tergulung ombak saat snorkling di Bunaken. Beritanya bahkan sampai dimuat di Swara Manado dan Detik Online. Continue reading “RIP Chandra Djunaedy: Sebuah Catatan Tentang Kematian”

Catatan “Ulang Tahun”

Pertama kali saya ingin mempertanyakan istilah “Ulang Tahun,” apakah tepat terjemahannya dari “Birthday.” Harusnya “Hari Lahir.” Ulang tahun kesannya mengulang-ulang tahun.

Mungkin dari salah kaprah tersebut kita termindset bahwa kita mengulang-ulang sesuatu yang sama dari waktu ke waktu. Hal ini membawa saya ke kontemplasi setelah menonton “Cloud Atlas” untuk kedua kalinya (saya selalu menantikan film dari Watchowski bersaudara; akan saya ulas khusus dalam post berbeda) saat adegan Louisa melihat surat-surat untuk Sixsmith, “Why do we repeat the mistakes over and over again?” Continue reading “Catatan “Ulang Tahun””

A Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness has been a thing people take for granted. It was never something that people confess that they really need. Maybe it is a bad label to be unhappy.

My realization of me needing happiness began from that one period of time I interacted with somebody in Twitter, and occurrences that follows was overwhelming. At first I thought that we can spread happiness in social media, thus inspired me to be a founder of Happinette. It has been quite a while now, and all along the things that happened in my interaction with her (and with everybody else) I came to realized that it’s not just that (we can share happiness on social media or whatever medium), but also that I AM in my own pursuit of happiness. Like the Will Smith character was doing in The Pursuit of Happyness. My current personal life (which I can not explain here) is not that great, and this is a real life personal struggle of me settling down and find the true meaning of happiness. Continue reading “A Pursuit of Happiness”

Selama Ini, Apakah Sebenarnya #NoMention?

Sudah lama saya pribadi merasa distereotipkan sebagai orang dengan kepribadian tertentu. Saya juga sebenarnya bingung apakah posting tentang #NoMention ini klarifikasi atau bukan, karena sebenarnya bukan hal yg besar, atau hal kecil yang dibesarkan. Atau bahkan tidak ada apa-apa, dijadikan ada apa-apa, atau hal yang besar, yang menjangkiti segenap penjuru Twitternesia.

Sebenarnya saya sudah menuliskan pernyataan pribadi dalam posting ini, tapi ternyata masih berlarut sampai sekarang, sehingga saya merasa perlu posting ini. Mungkin baiknya perli dibaca lagi klarifikasi terdahulu itu, agar mendapatkan konteks untuk posting ini. Continue reading “Selama Ini, Apakah Sebenarnya #NoMention?”

A Very Hard #LessonLearned

Today I have experienced an event that had changed my life personally and professionally. I will not explain what it is because of the nature of the event, but I can share a very hard #LessonLearned from the experience. Storified after the jump.
Continue reading “A Very Hard #LessonLearned”

Bandung (So Called) Business Retreat #2

That sahur I had only ikan bilis, the dendeng batokok had found no place in my tummy. Then I went to sleep, to be waken up at 10PM. Lazying up in bed, I got up when it was Dzuhur adzan. Then I do work which I intended to get done here in Bandung, hence the title Bandung (So Called) Business Retreat.


Continue reading “Bandung (So Called) Business Retreat #2”

Bandung (So Called) Business Retreat #1

Out of necessities of getting things out of my system, I’ve decided to have a weekend getaway to Bandung. The purpose is to get out of the circle into seclusive environment, contemplate on things and hopefully have a clean new perspectives on things. Hey how many times I mentioned things.) And by things, I thought business related things. So I name this getaway a ‘Business Retreat.’

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The Muse (Full Circle)

It was like lightning in broad daylight. I never have thought that it came full circle that day. On August 1st, 2012 I went to Plaza Senayan to attend meeting with prospect stake holder of my startup venture Happinette. The meeting was at 2.30. It didn’t take a long time. Then I had to prepare for another meeting in the evening in Senayan City, right in front of Plaza Senayan. Thought I check out what new CD avalable at Duta Suara up on level 2.

I made a short browse at Hawaianas shop right next to Duta Suara. There was displayed a cute Hawaianas sandals for babies. Considering myself buying a pair for Keila, but apparently it’s for over 1 year old, but from the size I guess it’s Keila’s size. Don’t know. Can’t decide. Went into the CD shop. Continue reading “The Muse (Full Circle)”