A Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness has been a thing people take for granted. It was never something that people confess that they really need. Maybe it is a bad label to be unhappy.

My realization of me needing happiness began from that one period of time I interacted with somebody in Twitter, and occurrences that follows was overwhelming. At first I thought that we can spread happiness in social media, thus inspired me to be a founder of Happinette. It has been quite a while now, and all along the things that happened in my interaction with her (and with everybody else) I came to realized that it’s not just that (we can share happiness on social media or whatever medium), but also that I AM in my own pursuit of happiness. Like the Will Smith character was doing in The Pursuit of Happyness. My current personal life (which I can not explain here) is not that great, and this is a real life personal struggle of me settling down and find the true meaning of happiness. Continue reading

Selama Ini, Apakah Sebenarnya #NoMention?

Sudah lama saya pribadi merasa distereotipkan sebagai orang dengan kepribadian tertentu. Saya juga sebenarnya bingung apakah posting tentang #NoMention ini klarifikasi atau bukan, karena sebenarnya bukan hal yg besar, atau hal kecil yang dibesarkan. Atau bahkan tidak ada apa-apa, dijadikan ada apa-apa, atau hal yang besar, yang menjangkiti segenap penjuru Twitternesia.

Sebenarnya saya sudah menuliskan pernyataan pribadi dalam posting ini, tapi ternyata masih berlarut sampai sekarang, sehingga saya merasa perlu posting ini. Mungkin baiknya perli dibaca lagi klarifikasi terdahulu itu, agar mendapatkan konteks untuk posting ini. Continue reading

The Muse (Full Circle)

It was like lightning in broad daylight. I never have thought that it came full circle that day. On August 1st, 2012 I went to Plaza Senayan to attend meeting with prospect stake holder of my startup venture Happinette. The meeting was at 2.30. It didn’t take a long time. Then I had to prepare for another meeting in the evening in Senayan City, right in front of Plaza Senayan. Thought I check out what new CD avalable at Duta Suara up on level 2.

I made a short browse at Hawaianas shop right next to Duta Suara. There was displayed a cute Hawaianas sandals for babies. Considering myself buying a pair for Keila, but apparently it’s for over 1 year old, but from the size I guess it’s Keila’s size. Don’t know. Can’t decide. Went into the CD shop. Continue reading

Wake Up Young Man, Your Love Affair Has Got To Go

Wake up young man, it’s time to wake up. Your love affair has got to go.

Wake Up
~ Mad Season, 1995

That was a snippet from song’s lyrics by Mad Season, a grunge supergroup in the 90s, and the first sentence rings true.

Sure it has been a wild ride for me and everybody’s involved; directly or indirectly; with me and what I have been experiencing in this last 2 years. Gosh, it’s been a long time ago since I started experiencing this wonderful phenomenon. Maybe you would like to be refreshed. Continue reading

A Very Personal Statement

It all started as a good deed for a person I follow on Twitter. Just happen that she is a public personality. Let’s call her Ms. 🙂 xx. When she was feeling blue, I tried to cheer her up through my tweet. Then she tweeted back that she was happier because of my tweet. Thus I found out that we can spread happiness via conversation on social media, thus it became the idea for Happinette. Go check that one out.

Then along my endeavor of developing Happinette from concept to product, my back and forth with Ms. 🙂 xx went on and developed. We sent each other messages, even without mentioning each other nor without context of anything whatsoever, thus #NoMention and #kode was conceived (somebody coined the term based on our interaction.)

The interaction and so-called ‘communication’ with Ms. 🙂 xx was getting intense, had its ups and down. Unbeknownst to us people around us, followers or those who happen to check our timeline once in a while (stalkers!) started to discuss about this ‘relationship’ and it escalated to become the most elaborate reality show ever happened on Twitter. The concept of #NoMention and #kode was adapted to broader use, from mocking purpose to genuinely honest tweets. From there, other follow-up catch phrases and keywords was born: Galau (GalauCity, ring a bell?), Sepik, Kangen, Mantan, Move on, etc. I even have a nickname: Coffee, Universe etc. Even Gila (hello, you female book author. You know who you are. 🙂 ) Continue reading

Happinette – The Novel

Nov 17, 2012 – Changed the brand name to Happinette

Dec 31, 2011 – This post was written on May 3, 2011 as a draft, never see the light of day until now, the last day of 2011. It’s about a project about something that has became a passion of mine for quite some time now. It’s about happiness.

Jan 9, 2013 – The initial post below is reposted in its original form, on its original time.

Koi Cafe & Gallery, 3 May 2011, 7.30 PM

Here I am, sitting here in this posh café on a long comfy sofa. Just closed a web design project deal but my client @imbipulungan has long gone for a yoga session. My MacBookPro is still displaying web browser with website I am working on. A twitter client also present on the side of the screen, displaying my timeline, scrolling down endlessly. Nothing there caught my eye though. Even the work on screen. My mind was wondering somewhere else. Exact same venue, but was on the old location though. When nothing happened. Continue reading

#NoMention – 3 May 2011

Koi Cafe & Gallery, 3 May 2011, 7.30 PM

Here I am, sitting here in this posh café on a long comfy sofa. Just closed a web design project deal but my client @imbipulungan has long gone for a yoga session. My MacBookPro is still displaying web browser with website I am working on. A twitter client also present on the side of the screen, displaying my timeline, scrolling down endlessly. Nothing there caught my eye though. Even the work on screen. My mind was wondering somewhere else. Exact same venue, but was on the old location though. When nothing happened.

I was torn whether I am ordering dinner or not. My body doesn’t want to eat, but my mind craves for something. And also I need to go to the restroom. I relented and ordered a fried rice with Australian lamb. Gave a gesture to the waiter to keep an eye on my computer while I finished my business.

Back where I was. Feel like doing something, but not working. What is it? Writing this? Yes, I had procrastinated writing this for quite a long time now. My life story. My pursuit of something. The story behind this and that. Heck, I haven’t writing about anything for a long portion in my life, other that HTML tags and CSS Divs and Classes. Has I restraint myself from expressing myself through writing. Why, I asked myself. And why now? why writing now? I don’t know. It’s what the Universe has planned to happen I guess.

This is what it is that’s happening. I am writing not what I hope to happen, nor what I wish not happening. I write the story as it is happening. I remember a line said by a female character from a movie that I love. but it’s on the tip of my brain, can’t recall. But this is not her story, nor anybody else’s. it’s my story.

The story is about happiness, and how everybody is in pursuit of happiness. Each and every one of us always think, talk, be, do something in order to make us happier. My story is my own little pursuit of my happiness, and how I made someone else happier, and it made me happy.

(stopped writing, checking on my timeline)

Yes, you might say that I am obsessed with happiness. Without hesitation I confess I am. All of my life I’m always seeking to be happy. One’s never realized he’s in pursuit of happiness, until he realized that it’s within him all along. It’s nowhere out there. it’s in us.

To come to that conclusion I went through a hell of a ride. But things happening the last 1 year has brought a lot of enlightenment to me, and I am hoping with this writings, I can share things that has enlightened me to others who read this, to you. Yes, you. Hope that by sharing happiness we can make ourselves better, lift ourselves through hard times and can see silver linings in the darkest cloud.

Just made a random “Get well soon” to a person (@PutriSentanu) I follow on Twitter, although I don’t know her personally.

In fact, the whole thing was started when I made someone happier, a particular public personality (@rahmahumayya) I cheered up through Twitter. One day she tweeted that she is in such a bad mood. Out of the blue I then replied to her aforementioned tweet, trying sincerely to cheer her up spontaneously.

Rahmah Umayya's response to a happy tweet

She is a famous TV & radio personality, a model and an MC. I only know her through sites, television and magazines. All this time I only follow her. Well, before that tweet convo every once in a while I RT or reply to her tweet. But this time I just do what my heart said, cheer a person in need, make her happier.

From the response seems like she’s happier. And that also made me feel good and warm inside. No, it’s not that I managed to make a public figure happier. But I managed to make someone happier. Someone, an acquaintance or a stranger is not even in the picture.

In one of those wisdom tweets, the late Lady Diana Spencer once suggests us to do random act of kindness. This must be one of those.

Since then, I am randomly trying to make other people happier through tweets. Sometimes with the expected result, the other times it’s a whole different outcome. People tend to label me as ‘galau’ (jaded in Indonesian,) ‘gila’ (crazy,) and with other names. Others even dissed me for being too offensive and plain antisocial, not conforming to any socially accepted value.

Yes I admit many times I was not in a state of happiness in other to make other happy. I am sorry if I offended anybody, I’m just a human being who tries to communicate.

The first tweet and all these interaction with her sparks me an idea about an app, which also has been an obsession for me all these times. That what’s making me address her as Muse. More of that along with the story.

I continue to interact on Twitter with @rahmahumayya with all the ups and downs, the dramas and the comedies. I thought those helped start up the #NoMention and #Kode (#code) thing. The galau tweets. The song lyric tweets. The YouTube dedications.

Many might have the perception that this is like a star-struck regular guy falls in love with a celebrity , and trying all his best to woo her. Well, at first I admit I didn’t know what I felt. Being a healthy single guy must’ve taken tolls many times. All I wanted to do is make her happy. Make anybody happy, in particular the twemans in my time line. The tweeps I follow or even random tweeps which I don’t follow.

With this story I pay highest respect to @rahmahumayya. I honor her private life. Just wanted to share my side of the story. My perception of it. How I learn in life. In my pursuit of happiness. By making other people happy.

farry @salsabeela I am starting writing, now!
salsabeela @farry good luck!

(To be continued)


  • I will try my best to contact the person mentioned in the story to ask for permission
  • To a person I mentioned here in the story, if you have objection that I mentioned your name, please mention of DM me on Twitter (@farry) or email me (farry@happinette.com) and I will try to remove your Twitter-name without sacrificing the essence of the story, or I will use a pseudo-Twitter-name.