An End of An Era, An Open Letter

It was fun at first, when you can do something sweet and only works in the movies like “You’ve Got Mail.” Yes, been doing it since 2010 with somebody, which inspires me to start a venture called Happinette. BTW, thank you Muse. Would like to discuss this with you someday, over coffee. It will be fun. xx :))

Things then developed from there to directions which was unpredictable. It has its ups and down. From the get go was planning to write my adventure in support of Happinette, the story behind the making. But it turned out that the story itself; as it was unfolding; had diverted me from focusing on actually developing the app.

People started to interact, observe, mock, gossip, steal ideas, got inspired, fall in love, hate, got inspired, seclude, sympathize, despise, taking advantages of, etc. I was in many position imaginable from vulnerable to offensive, but I have no regrets, for everything is a zeitgeist, life lesson and I had realize that such adventure was a journey for me to find more about me, to learn about myself, a pursuit of happiness. Take away this mortal body (to not be considered egomaniac or narcissist,) it’s a lesson about human’s life.

I am sorry if I made any mistakes during this adventure. I also forgives if anybody had hurt me in any way. For we are only humans, and humans make mistakes, from which we learn something about life.

People may deem me weird (or even crazy) but I am not responsible for their opinion. I intend; and never been more determined; to still write my life story down and finish what I had started. And also see that Happinette is launch in one fine day, for that is the purpose of the whole story, for which had happen for a purpose, to seek meaning of happiness, because it rings true in my personal life. In real time.

As in interaction, I will stop these #nomention act, and will interact in more direct manner. For those of you willing to open their hearts, I am also open heartedly interact and maybe get to know each other better. Also if you have experiences regarding this, I’d like to know more, we can create stories together. Some of you art workers, if you are inspired by this, let’s talk. Some of you I have already hinted, or even contacted, to express this in your art forms. All in one common universal theme. Happiness.

Our lives makes one story. #NoMention.

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Stuck In A Moment (That You Can Get Out Of)

Tadi malam saya mengalami sebuah kejadian, sebuah mu’jizat jika boleh dikatakan demikian. Saya bermaksud untuk pergi ke sebuah tempat di kompleks ruko Duta Mas Fatmawati, dan beserta partner sekaligus saudara saya Yudhi Kusumo berangkat dari SOHO kami di kawasan Lebak Bulus. Saat itu hujan lebat sebagai akibat dari mendung berkepanjangan yang sudah berlarut-larut dalam beberapa hari ini.

Kami mengambil jalan dari arah Pondok Labu melewati RS Fatmawati dan melewati CITOS, untuk bermaksud mengambil ‘jalan tikus’ Kompleks MPR dan menembus ke arah Duta Mas. Apa daya ‘jalan tikus’ tersebut sudah macet hingga mulut jalan, sehingga kami terus melalui arteri Fatmawati.

Hujan seperti air yang dicurahkan tiada henti, bahkan kami mendapati arteri Antasari banjir (genangan air kalau kata Fauzi Bowo) pada beberapa titik. Terdapat titik genangan di samping gedung baru Alamanda, padahal titik tersebut tinggi dan tidak biasanya banjir (mungkin dampak dari didirikannya gedung Alamanda, tetapi siapa yang mau peduli akan AMDAL?) Continue reading “Stuck In A Moment (That You Can Get Out Of)”

Catatan “Ulang Tahun”

Pertama kali saya ingin mempertanyakan istilah “Ulang Tahun,” apakah tepat terjemahannya dari “Birthday.” Harusnya “Hari Lahir.” Ulang tahun kesannya mengulang-ulang tahun.

Mungkin dari salah kaprah tersebut kita termindset bahwa kita mengulang-ulang sesuatu yang sama dari waktu ke waktu. Hal ini membawa saya ke kontemplasi setelah menonton “Cloud Atlas” untuk kedua kalinya (saya selalu menantikan film dari Watchowski bersaudara; akan saya ulas khusus dalam post berbeda) saat adegan Louisa melihat surat-surat untuk Sixsmith, “Why do we repeat the mistakes over and over again?” Continue reading “Catatan “Ulang Tahun””

A Very Hard #LessonLearned

Today I have experienced an event that had changed my life personally and professionally. I will not explain what it is because of the nature of the event, but I can share a very hard #LessonLearned from the experience. Storified after the jump.
Continue reading “A Very Hard #LessonLearned”