Anomalisa by Charlie Kaufman & Dan Harmon

TweetTwo of my current favorite filmmakers are collaborating. Charlie Kaufman (writer; Being John Malkovitch, Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind) and Dan Harmon (creator; Community on NBC) are working together for a stop-motion claymation titled “Anomalisa” produced by Starburns Industries, Inc. (get where the name comes from?) What is unique that this is a […]

The Raid, Rad Review

TweetThere is unprecedented 160,000 something audience over last weekend went to see The Raid, in Indonesia alone. I have been holding so long not going to see it (due to work) so that day work bites the dust, I went to see The Raid catching afternoon show at PIM 1 XXI. With no holds barred, […]

Thick Picks: Cast of “Singles” -Where Are They Now?

TweetIngat film “Singles” (Cameron Crowe; 1992), film pionir genre Gen-X movie (yang kemudian diikuti oleh “Reality Bites”, “Threesome”) yang turut melambungkan nama Pearl Jam ke dalam mainstream (kabarnya saat shooting film itu, nama mereka masih “Mookie Blaylock”). Cameron Crowe bahkan mengklaim bahwa film ini turut menginspirasikan lahirnya serial “Friends”. Berikut ada artikel di TwoFeetThick tentang […]

“The X-files: I Want To Believe” Review

TweetOr should I title this post: I Want To Believe That This Is The Sequel of X-Files The Movie… *Spoiler Alert* Why it is so? Because this is the sequel of the big screen adaptation of popular hit TV series The X-Files (which I am a fans of which makes me an X-Philes.) The first […]

Eddie Vedder to perform at Toronto Film Festival

TweetDulu pernah dibahas EV bikin lagu soundtrack untuk film dokumenter “Body of War” (tentang serdadu perang Irak yang lumpuh, namanya Tomas Young), judulnya “No More” & “Long Nights”. Lagu “No More” dibawain PJ EV di Lollapalooza, bareng Ben Harper. EV juga akan perform lagu tersebut di Premier film “Body of War” di Toronto Film Festival […]