Skyfall: Movie Review

Skyfall Poster

TweetI had high expectation with Skyfall. It commemorates 50 years of James Bond (Dr. No, the first James Bond movie was premiered on October 5, 1962,) Skyfall must have be a cultural milestone to it all. At first watch I didn’t like it immediately. Disclaimer: long pause since I saw the movie and actually writing […]

Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 (Movie Review)

TweetI went to watch the new James Bond movie Skyfall last Thursday, and it was under my expectation. Then I watched this ‘The Story behind 007’ kinda movie titled “Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007,” I might change my review of Skyfall. Thus I review this ‘documentary’ movie which; with Skyfall; commemorates 50th […]

Test Pack: Movie Review

TweetTest Pack adalah film Indonesia yang disutradarai oleh Monty Tiwa, berdasarkan novel laris karya Ninit Yunita dan skenarionya disusun oleh suami Ninit, yaitu Adhitya Mulya. Saya familiar dengan Monty Tiwa dari karyanya yang komedi yaitu Laskar Pemimpi (mungkin mengambil momen film laris lainnya Laskar Pelangi.) Dan saya penasaran dengan film ini yang dari review sekilas […]

Ted: Movie Review

TweetTed is the first motion picture by the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane. I don’t realy follow the animated episode. I assume is that it is one of the many The Simpsons rip-off. My bland prejudice id that Seth MacFarlane is copying Matt Groening.

Anomalisa by Charlie Kaufman & Dan Harmon

TweetTwo of my current favorite filmmakers are collaborating. Charlie Kaufman (writer; Being John Malkovitch, Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind) and Dan Harmon (creator; Community on NBC) are working together for a stop-motion claymation titled “Anomalisa” produced by Starburns Industries, Inc. (get where the name comes from?) What is unique that this is a […]

The Cardigans – Gran Turismo JKT

nina persson

Tweet I am of that age that going to concerts doesn’t excite me as it was when I was younger. Back then, I tried to score meet & greets, backstage passes and complimentary tickets. This time around I managed to score complimentary ‘Tribune 2’ ticket for The Cardigans. I intended to get Festival ticket though, […]

The Raid, Rad Review

TweetThere is unprecedented 160,000 something audience over last weekend went to see The Raid, in Indonesia alone. I have been holding so long not going to see it (due to work) so that day work bites the dust, I went to see The Raid catching afternoon show at PIM 1 XXI. With no holds barred, […]


TweetThere goes a hashtag from many tweets emitted from that auditorium in @America, the most modern cultural center in Jakarta. It was already 7.20 PM and I was late for that March 24, 2012 Navicula show at @America. As I entered the auditorium, “Aku Bukan Mesin” the 4th song was already playing. at_america on […]

Swing Out, Sister! A Java Jazz Fest Virgin Experience

Tweet It’s been the 6th Java Jazz Festival already, but haven’t been to it until this year of 2012. It was a last minute decision. The words of JJF is already buzzing on my Twitter stream, but hasn’t compelled to move it and buy ticket. The fact that Stevie Wonder’s special show ticket has already […]