Bangkok 05-06, Day #4 (12/27/05)

MBK view
MBK view

in the morning at 9.30 me, t. jessie and bokap catch a cab and went to MBK (Mahboonkrong for those not in the know.) lots of stores haven’t been opened yet. but we started our hunt for items to buy for souvenirs or just for ourselves.

MBK is a very large shopping center that’s kind of mixed between whole-sale-ness like ITCs in Jakarta, and dedicated stores like Ratu Plaza. i had my strategy of just browsing for items, not rushing to buy things because my stay here in Bangkok is still up until Jan the 7th. so I have the chance to come back here again after serious considerations.

Hmm, Nunu was not lying. Most (not to mention all) of the girls here in Bangkok are very pretty. had it very close with this girl selling software DVD, but it’s a matter of miscommunication and culture shock, it didn’t work. not to mention I was exhausted following my parents around. they have to get the items they need, I don’t. Continue reading “Bangkok 05-06, Day #4 (12/27/05)”

Bangkok 05-06, Day #3 (12/26/05)

Happy Father Going To Pattaya
Happy Father Going To Pattaya

plan A we want to depart for pattaya at 10 so that sony can join us. but apparently sony can’t make it out of embassy duty, so we depart at 8.30, earlier. we went by a chartered microbus, driven by this thai man, can’t speak english. but monica can communicate with him. it’s obvious that he’s lost if it comes to bangkok toll highway. well. the road to pattaya mostly is the toll highway, nice and smooth. at 11 we arrived in front of hard rock hotel, we parked. we tried to look for place to pee, and enter this hard rock cafe merchandise stuff. allured to buy nice HRC Pattaya sand shirt. then i peed nearby at next door public toilet owned by one of the restaurant, for B10 fare.

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Free Ebook “Thriving on Less” Available for Download

Author of the upcoming book The Power of Less Leo Babauta offers a companion ebook that’s free to download now. Thriving on Less—Simplifying in a Tough Economy tells you how to do just that.

The 27-page PDF describes advice garnered from Babauta’s own journey from clutter, debt, and scarcity to a simpler, frugal lifestyle that focuses on the essentials and cuts away the extras. Like Babauta’s popular Zen Habits blog, this book offers calm, peaceful straight talk that makes the super-busy and overwhelmed think “I want to live like that.” Looks like a great preview of what’s to come in his print volume, which gets released in four days. Think Babauta’s approach is possible in today’s world or too idealistic? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Bangkok 05-06, Day #2 (12/25/05)

early morning i am woken up early by ani, my sister’s maid cleaning up the room and opeing the drapes. aargh, i moved to her usual room. my sis suggests that ani sleep on the living room while i occupy her room. and i agree cos my gadgets are scattered around the appartment.

my nap didn’t go further than 8 am, cos we have to get ready to go to chatuchak. had an early cold shower, then got prepared. we then had breakfast. after that by sony’s car we went to deliver x mas gift of lapis legit cake i brought to their colleague. then after that we went to chatuchak.

Pork Stew @Chatuchak
Pork Stew @Chatuchak

we parked on discovery’s parking lot. discovery is a children scientific playground and museum (i think), located at the farthest of the chatuchak, near the section of pets and aquarium.

there in chatuchak lotsa neat stuff and for less price. we take a nibble of this grilled squid street vendor. nice. there’s also this gentleman stirring a large (i mean very large) pan of deep fried pork. yum. and just by the entrance of this part of chatuchak, a nice fried critters vendor (you name the most unbelievable ones, they got it) larvae, tiny chick, bugs, crickets, etc. crispy!

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Bangkok 05-06, Day #1 (12/24/06)

so here we go again, or should i say: here i go again, ‘cos like always i go solo on vacation. i had predisposition in my mind that every year i have to go abroad for vacation. or, at least: go for vacation, not necessarily abroad. started in 02 i was vacationing to singapore while attending iDN’s fresh conference. in 03 i went to hong kong due to very bargain cathay pacific ticket. in 04 i went with sammy to go diving to bali. then this year, because my sister and her husband are here in bangkok, and my parents are already here since last week, i joined them today.

after doing some crash shopping, for items titipan much more that my personal items! i went to ratu plaza and after done my biz there, i went to ps to do more shopping for things i haven’t had yet which i need for this vacation.

odd thing, while i was pondering i should have a spouse to accompany me doing this kinda stuff, there on the back of ratu plaza lot, i met *drum roll please* estira. but still i adore her, despite of everytime i met her, her style was getting less and less ‘her’. and guess what, she’s all alone too. god works in mysterious ways. i become one with the universe.

now i find myself speed-packing. luckily all can be squished into one medium suitcase. then the cab i ordered came. said goodbye to my sisters, then departed.

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My Trip To Bangkok, Published 3 Years Later…

I found a journal during my holiday visit to Bangkok, 3 years ago. That was my first visit to Bangkok, to my sister’s apartment in Petchburi Street area, behind First Hotel (Soi 11.)

My travel date was Dec 24, 05 to Jan 7, 06. I wrote my journal down in Text Edit on my Mac, and somehow haven’t
managed to publish it yet. So now I will publish it, on the exact same
day, 3 years later.

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BMW Indonesia Trying To Lure Mercedes Enthusiasts

One day I was searching for “Mercedes Benz” in Google search engine.

Then on top of Google search result there is a peculiar Sponsored Link, the link is “Mercedes Benz”, but the URL is

So I clicked, which (really) brought me to BMW Indonesia website.



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