Catatan “Ulang Tahun”

Pertama kali saya ingin mempertanyakan istilah “Ulang Tahun,” apakah tepat terjemahannya dari “Birthday.” Harusnya “Hari Lahir.” Ulang tahun kesannya mengulang-ulang tahun.

Mungkin dari salah kaprah tersebut kita termindset bahwa kita mengulang-ulang sesuatu yang sama dari waktu ke waktu. Hal ini membawa saya ke kontemplasi setelah menonton “Cloud Atlas” untuk kedua kalinya (saya selalu menantikan film dari Watchowski bersaudara; akan saya ulas khusus dalam post berbeda) saat adegan Louisa melihat surat-surat untuk Sixsmith, “Why do we repeat the mistakes over and over again?” Continue reading

Happy New Year From The Heart of Jakarta Night Festival

We in Jakarta and all in WIB time zone just welcomed the new year 2013. The heart of Jakarta’s new year festivities is the 1st Jakarta Night Festival, as the newly elect Governor Joko Widodo turns the whole strip of avenue from Jend. Sudirman to M.H. Thamrin into a car free night. Continue reading

We’d Be Glowing In The Dark! “Coldplay Live 2012” Cinematic Experience

When Coldplay has set plan to screen a one-night-only presentation of their live DVD simply titled “Coldplay Live 2012” in theaters worldwide, I was stoked because that might be the closest chance I get to see Coldplay ‘Live.’ It was not the first time a band set up a worldwide screening, Pearl Jam has done it on September 20, 2011 with PJ20. We had the pleasure organizing it in Jakarta. While Pearl Jam was a documentary about the band, Coldplay is a live concert taken from several venues of its Mylo Xyloto World Tour 2012, alongside with inserts of band commentary of behind the scene and tour production story.

The movie opens straight up with intro instrumental song “Mylo Xyloto” continued with “Hurts Like Heaven” just like in the record. Chris Martin in his usual jerking gesture, Will Champion bashing drums, Johnny Buckland riffing on his guitar, and Guy Berrymen strumming the bass strings.Continued with an old number “In My Place.” Continue reading