Open Letter: For Followers (Or Not)

This is an open letter for followers (or not.) Whether within context of social media, or not. Even when one is a follower in social media, does not mean that one does not follow. Go figure.

Today I’ve turned 42. I’ve written a letter to myself a year ago today. It’s like a year younger me sent birthday letter to myself today. I read it again. And I cringed.

It does not mean that I have to keep score of whether what’s inside my letter to myself has been fulfilled. It was just that I am reminded by myself of my purpose in life, a pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t mean that I preach about spreading happiness, nor that I know everything there is to know to happiness. I AM myself in my own pursuit of my own happiness. I am the embodiment of finding happiness, I am living the life, and I talk from my own experience; through thick or thin, ups and down, happiness or sadness, anger; everything is real and not made up. It’s raw.

Yes, in order for me to find happiness in this life I need to mate and find the right person to be joined in holy matrimony and walk this life as one. I need to find a person to marry, my wife to be.

I don’t care if you mock me (in any other way interacting with my life’s story); directly or indirectly (I find that most, almost everybody; mocks behind my back.) It is a consequences of the path that I have chosen to walk through, to write, to live. To write the story of my life IS to live it. And at some point in the past I have made a decision. Now I have a defining decision: to write the story of life I live BY writing it down. Because what I write is actual life, and if you are in some way involved with this story; conscious or not; you are more than welcome to join, we can write together. It will find a way. The story of finding happiness.

Back to my quest for finding my future wife, if you will (and you are qualified) let’s give it a shot. Let’s leave at the door what you do, your ego, your pride, your status, your wealth, your race, your age, your religion. Leave them. Just be you as is destined by God to mate; follow your instinct; and give it a chance.

Or not. Got to keep realistic.

Let the quest continue.

Happy birthday, me.
~Me today.

Hi 42 y.o. Farry in 2014

Hi 42 y.o. Farry in 2014,

I believe that during the span of 1 year after I’ve written and sent you this letter, You have found the happiness you are looking for all your life. I believe you found it in yourself and have your own peace of mind. You always have big heart, live like water flowing, always thing positively and only depend yourself on God like always being reminded.

I believe you have created your own family, your own circle of happiness, because through such exercise, you can go on with making the world a happier place through your endeavor.

I believe spreading happiness is your life’s manifesto, otherwise why are you so persistent in doing so? I believe it is driven by your own pursuit of happiness, and finding the meaning of it. I believe all the ordeal and challenges you encounter in life are just test to see whether you’re up to your calling, and you will pass with flying color.

I believe your life story will inspire others to spread happiness because to counter hatred and everything else negative, we don’t hate back. We spread happiness instead.

Happiness is happening.

Happy 42nd birthday,
– 41 y.o. Farry in 2013