Demi Ucok: Ulasan Film

Demi Ucok adalah sebuah film yang mengambil gaya Meta Film; yaitu film tentang membuat film; dengan genre komedi satir. Bercerita tentang Gloria Sinaga (Geraldine Sianturi) seorang film maker yang berusaha keras menentang keinginan ibunya Mak Gondut (Mak Gondut) agar Glo segera menikah. Glo berpendapat bahwa kalau ia harus melepaskan passionnya sebagai film maker dan menikah, maka passionnya itu akan padam.Dengan premis utama ini, fim menceritakan tentang perjuangan Glo untuk membuat film. Ditemani oleh sidekicknya Niki, seorang pengusaha DVD bajakan lesbian cantik yang berkacamata dan A Cun, bintang film pertamanya Glo. naskah, sutradara dan Produser Sammaria Simanjuntak. Continue reading

An Open Letter #NoMention

This is an open letter. This might be the end of #NoMention (maaf masih dalam bahasa Inggris, nanti akan diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia. Sementara ini bisa pakai Google Translate.)

As it was first started, the idea of #NoMention was conceived as a private communication between me and another Twitter user. And from that occurrence I had developed an idea for a startup company, whilst our communication developed and I had an idea to record my experience to be retold in other art form: a novel, later on a movie, and also other art forms. At first I thought it was a great (REAL) story about two people connecting via social media/internet (making it a great storyline base for Happinette,) unbeknownst to me that I opened the Pandora box of my own personal passion in my own pursuit of happiness. On the surface it seems to be about my hard work on my startup; and maybe in parallel looking for a spouse; while underneath I am in a hunt of finding the true meaning of happiness. It was all real life experiences: no gimmick nor PR thingy whatsoever. You can check with me directly about the reality of things. Continue reading