Bandung (So Called) Business Retreat #2

That sahur I had only ikan bilis, the dendeng batokok had found no place in my tummy. Then I went to sleep, to be waken up at 10PM. Lazying up in bed, I got up when it was Dzuhur adzan. Then I do work which I intended to get done here in Bandung, hence the title Bandung (So Called) Business Retreat.


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Bandung (So Called) Business Retreat #1

Out of necessities of getting things out of my system, I’ve decided to have a weekend getaway to Bandung. The purpose is to get out of the circle into seclusive environment, contemplate on things and hopefully have a clean new perspectives on things. Hey how many times I mentioned things.) And by things, I thought business related things. So I name this getaway a ‘Business Retreat.’

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